Sunday, November 18, 2007


It is difficult not to think about marriage in Rabat when so many people are trying to assist me in finding my future husband.

Tonight, I went to a marriage party, and I was asked what I was looking for in the man of my dreams. After giving everyone in the room the gory details, an attractive fellow appeared who had many of the hoped for qualities on my list.

In fact, I am going out for coffee with him tomorrow but- and this is an important but- I do not want to marry him!

I have heard many men in the country say this about their wives; I CHOSE HER. For men, it is important to know that they have taken the active role and selected their mate, but- the second important but- I feel the same way.

The thought of giving up my freedom has never been an easy one to contain inside my head, and I still am not certain if marriage is the path I want to walk.

I do know with certainty; however, that I want to say;


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alone Time: privacy is culturally defined

Wow! I have the house to myself for a few sacred hours; the first time this has happened since I arrived in Maroc. I miss Taha, the 4 year-old bundle of energy, just a little bit. That kid mocks my pronunciation of Arabic and makes crazy faces while he does it. When he makes fun of me, I can hear where I went wrong, and I have to laugh at myself too.

Taha is also the light policeman. Electricity here is expensive, and I freely admit that I sometimes forget to shut off the lights. With Taha around, I always have a mini patrolman who helps me see the error of my ways.

Taha in the Potty

The Perfect Photo of the Perfect Boy on the Pot

We spent one week in Meknes, and as we were preparing to leave by train for Fes, I caught site of Taha on the potty clutching his blue car tightly in his hand. I snapped a photo of him and told him that I would delete it if he wanted me to do that. Taha told me to take another and made this spectacular face for me. Only kids!

Photo to follow soon: I had a problem with the upload

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


My Favorite Superhero

Taha learns many of his punches and jumps from Cartoon Network fighters for justice, and he tries these moves out on me at his house in Rabat. Some of the chops are painful. Taha is 4 years old and the youngest member of the Rachad family.

on the road in North Africa

Moulay Idriss, Maroc


Olives in the hand of Zahra

Olives are good for the health, and I am surrounded by olive groves here in Maroc.


Volubilis, Maroc

That is me showing my Roman ego in the ruins of Volubilis.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Berber Wedding in Imlil, Maroc

The Bride

After a trek up the mountain, at last; she arrived at four in the morning. It was a long night of eating, drumming, singing, and wondering when she would finally appear.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Help: Everything is in French

Travels in North Africa upside down

Friday, November 02, 2007


I am living in Rabat speaking French, trying to learn Arabic and hanging out with a Mexican, German, Greek and the family Rachad. I am having a ball.

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