Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Alliteration ditty-do-wop

Alliteration - Visual Poem III

Beijing, Bicycles,and Brooms-
If Walt Disney were behind his desk,
they would be dancing a
ditty-do-wop-don't stop til you drop.

I shot this photo in a pedestrian walkway beside my apartment building.
Location: Dongsishitiao, Beijing on April Fools' Day 2013
Mickey Mouse is missing unless he's whirling and twirling through your imagination.

shallow breathing

hazy breathing 
though a PM 2.5 glaze of yellow
spreading the sky and lungs and tender noses
of Beijing masked pedestrians
making their way home. 

National Poetry Month 2013

April Sneezy, runny nose. 
May please Please Me, sunny rose. 

Wipe Away Fever, season change. 
Robustness deliver, to my June! 

- I'm rhyming for National Poetry Month.

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