Thursday, November 22, 2012

H.G. Wells: The Invisible Man

Wearing A Cloak Of Invisibility 

If Jesse were invisible, he would go to Spain and help his favorite soccer team win against the other team. He would be their invisible goal keeper.

If Jerry were invisible, he would go to the bank and steal money and then go kiss the girl he loves. 

Ethan would push Nash forward when Nash faced Maggie- his true love.

If Nash were invisible, he would do research on how to be invisible so that he could be invisible any time.

Mike would fall in love with someone he likes, and if James were invisible, he would catch the thief to save the world. Alan plans to find his friends from middle school, but Ann would sleep in the dorm until lunch.

Michelle would enjoy free travel around the world. 

Surprisingly, Tina would be a killer. 

William would pay more attention to the people he likes, and Steven plans to take a photo of himself and send it to his blog. Charles would like to be a super-spy like James Bond. 

And finally, Cullen would perform an invisible grand theft auto in Beijing.

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